Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Follow-up on Potassium Feast and Air Layering

Here are a few pictures showing current results of my previous posts on the Fall Potassium Feast and Propagating Roses by Air Layering.

As I mentioned in my article: Potassium - A Special K-Ration Feast For Your Roses:
http://jack-rosarian.blogspot.com/2012/08/potassium-special-k-ration-feast-for.html , after a few weekly applications of liquid potassium, the canes and stems of the plants start turning red, as they harden off on their way to dormancy.  I made my third application (of six) yesterday and here are a couple of pictures showing how my roses (Earth Song) look at the half-way point in the process:

Note how red the stems are becoming, as the potassium moves into the plants; also note the edges of the leaves and the vivid color of the flowers.  After the final three applications, this becomes even more noticeable.  I think it's quite beautiful.

Second, here is an update on the status of my air-layered maidens pictured in my article: Propagating Roses by Air Layering: http://jack-rosarian.blogspot.com/2012/08/potassium-special-k-ration-feast-for.html .

As you can see, they have grown quite a bit in the last couple of weeks.  They are sunbathing for a couple of hours this afternoon, from their usual spot in a shaded cold-frame on the north side of my house.

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