Friday, February 8, 2013

"Bob's Mix" Organic Fertilizer Sale

This blog is especially directed to my readers in Minnesota

The Twin Cities Rose Club will be having their annual fertilizer and plant sale on April 13 and 20th. 

"Bob's Mix" is absolutely the best organic fertilizer available for roses.  It is also great througout the garden; I find it especially useful on tomatoes.  If you grow roses in Minnesota and haven't used Bob's Mix, you are really missing something.  It is blended especially for the TCRC and is sold only once each year at the TCRC annual plant sale.

Here's the ingredient breakdown of Bob's Mix: Alfalfa meal, blood meal, soybean meal, pork meal, bone meal, fish meal, Milorganite and magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts).

The prices are as follows: 50 pound bag, $30.00; 25 pound bag, $20.00.  The best deal is obviously the 50 pound bag. If you don't need that much this year, you can store it in your garage or shed; it doesn't go bad (if it doesn't get wet, of course).

The trick here is that you have to order in advance, before March 18th, so they know how many bags to make up.  Pickup is at the plant sale on April 13 and 20th at the garden of Scott Hoffman,  3834 Queen Ave N Minneapolis, MN 55412.

To order Bob's Mix, just call the number on the advertisement below or find the order form at this address:


  1. I miss getting this stuff already mixed up and ready to use! It is outstanding.

    1. Elena... I think we could ship you some Bob's Mix in a box by Fed Ex ground which isn't too expensive. Let me know.

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