Friday, September 27, 2013

Starbucks Coffee Grounds for your Roses

Starbucks doesn't like to throw their grounds in the trash, knowing that gardeners can use them organically.  At one time, they even had special bags labelled "Grounds for your Garden".  So don't be shy about going into your local Starbucks and asking for grounds.

I've said a lot about the benefits of using coffee grounds on your roses.  Here are my postings on the subject:

Last Sunday morning, after finishing our coffee and reading the paper, Mary Eileen, my chief deadheader and best buddy of nearly 50 years, took my picture coming out of Starbucks with a 30 pound bag of grounds, destined for the compost pile that will be mounded around the roses  in preparation for winter, in a few weeks.

Here's how the bag looked when opened up.  A lot of expensive lattes went into that brown gold.

And here's how my compost  pile looks with all the grounds worked in.  It's amazing to see how many worms surface when you turn over the pile.  All of this will be going on the roses in a few weeks, when we do our winter protection.  That's Butternut and Zucchini squash at the back of the pile.  It flourishes there, as well. Yum!

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